Guess The 80s Level 1 Answers

Here are the answers to Level 1 of Guess The 80s app. Please comment below for any help.
Guess The 80s Level 1-1 – New Coke Food & Beverages
Guess The 80s Level 1-2 – Calculator Watch Product – Calculator shaped watch (15 letters 2 words)
Guess The 80s Level 1-3 – Kim Basinger Actress
Guess The 80s Level 1-4 – Teddy Ruxpin Toys – Brown color teddy bear (11 letters 2 words)
Guess The 80s Level 1-5 – ALF Character – Brown color elephant face with a trunk (3 letters)
Guess The 80s Level 1-6 – Emilio Estevez Actor
Guess The 80s Level 1-7 – Jellies Product – Shoe made of rubber in different color (7 letters)
Guess The 80s Level 1-8 – Strawberry Shortcake Character
Guess The 80s Level 1-9 – Maui And Sons Clothing & Apparel
Guess The 80s Level 1-10 – Cheryl Tiegs Actress

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  1. Gwen

    These are not the answers due to the fact I am on the third picture and it is some kind of computer and there is not one answer on here that I have seen so far…. My first picture when I started was a Polaroid and your answer for the first one is beverages of some sort….

    • john

      Here you go – The Joy Luck Club
      When you need an answer make sure to specify the no of words with category… we are adding hints for each of the solution now.

  2. Leuchtboje

    My version does not match the answers on this site. I’m on an android device.
    Can anybody help me with the dolls?

  3. jenn ryder

    Not trying to sound like a jerk but what’s the fun in playing when you need the answers to every single picture in round one?

  4. Kris

    I need help with level 1 please it looks like a recorder but it’s flat, buttons on side and what looks like a magnify glass at the top. Its two words and the first word is 4 letters. Thank you

  5. sharla

    What is the little red scooter thing? we used them in gym class in grade school and elementary school but I can’t remember the name for the life of me!

  6. Tia

    Need help with level one it’s Under music has 5 guys in the picture and had 3 letters on the top with four letters on the bottom

  7. Chele 78

    An actor on I think it’s the movie Breakfast Club. The one with high school students in detention. The guy has shoulder length hair and has a burning match in his hand. 2 words, 4 letters and 6 letters. Please help can’t remember.

  8. Merrideth

    There is a toy that I used to use. It has a seat and handlebars for your feet. I had one called THE TURTLE. but this one is not the turtle

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